Note from the President:

The Snowdrifters will still support racing. However, we will not sponsor racing due to the lack of interest and financial reasons.

As such, we will not schedule our ski trips to coincide with the Mammoth racing schedule.





2019-2020 Racing News



Race early and race often in the SDAL races. You must have at least 3 official races to qualify to compete in the finals.

San Diego Alpine League Membership Application


2018 / 2019 Racing schedule

Race schedule is coming soon




2019 Racing Team

Racing Team

You must be a member of the San Diego Alpine League to race and you must be a member of North Island Snowdrifters in order to have your race fees paid by the club.




San Diego Alpine Leauge



The Snowdrifters Racing Team competes under the auspices of the San Diego Alpine League and the Far West Racing Association.

Far West Racing Association



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