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We are the largest ski club in San Diego County and like to think of ourselves as a “club for all seasons.” During a typical winter, Snowdrifters offers its members a choice of weekend bus trips to Mammoth Mountain and fly-away vacations to domestic and international skiing destinations. When not on the slopes, other indoor and outdoor activities are offered including holiday parties, hikes, bike rides, wine tasting, theatre, and meeting at bars and restaurants.

We meet monthly. During the winter, we meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at centralized restaurants or bars. In the summer (July through September), we move our meetings outdoors. We feel our club is than just a bunch of skiers. We’re the epitome of what all clubs should be – a circle of good friends who just happen to ski.

In the sections below, one can check out our club in more detail.. Its history, The ways in which we communicate with our members, and how our club is managed. If you choose to view a historical document accessible from the sections below, make sure your browser is not set to block popups, or you won't see the document(s) you request.



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