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Membership Term

The club membership runs from June 1st to May 31st the following year.

New Members: We offer a promotional 2 months of membership, for new members applying as early as April 1st prior to the start of our membership term. We presently do not offer discount memberships for family/children.

Renewing/Expiring Memberships: Existing members should renew prior to the beginning of the new membership term to continue their membership. Presently we do not offer discounts for renewals. If one allows their membership to expire, they will continue to get "E-Mail Blasts" (the way in which the club announces events) through September 1st following the prior membership term. NOTE: Those who have let their membership expire, may NOT continue to get direct email notices.

Membership Application Form

The club's application form is a PDF form/file (available here ), which can be filled out online (using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF Editor), or by printing it out physically, and filling it out. In that the application has embedded liability release clause, a signature is required on the application form (as well as a Guardian release if application is for a minor). Either a Digital Signature or Physical Signature is allowed.

Physical Signature
Print out the Application Form, if you haven't done so already, and physically sign where indicated, acknowledging the liability release. Once your printed application form is filled out and signed, you can physically mail it in via USPS (with a physical check if you wish to pay for membership by check, or a note that you are paying via Paypal). The address of the membership chairperson, to whom you will be mailing your application to is provided below. Alternatively, one can scan in their filled out application with a camera/cell phone/optical scanner, and submit the scanned image file via email to the membership chairperson at along with a note indicating how they will be paying for their membership.

Digital Signature
The use of a digital signature is only applicable to those who fill out the application form online. The signature fields on the Application form supports filling in the signature fields using a personal digital certificate or by embedding a scanned image of one's signature, in the signature field(s). Adobe acrobat supports both forms of digitally signing forms. Once one digitally signs their applications, they can simply email their digitally signed membership application forms to along with a note indicating how they will be paying for their membership.

Membership fee ($50) may be paid via a check (mailed via USPS or via Bill-Pay to address below), or via Paypal by clicking or scanning the QR code below. Make sure to submit a copy of your filled out Application via email, or via physical USPS mail.

NISD c/o Jean McCasey
10635 Esmeraldas Drive
San Diego CA 92124


The club memberships are valid until from June 1st of the membership year, to May 31st of next year.

Rules and Policies

When one submits their application to the ski club, they agree to abide by the following guidelines/policies/rules (click on header to see details):

The online version of the PDF application form can be filled out using any PDF Viewing/Editing program. If you don't have one on your computer you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the graphic below:




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