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Do you have pictures to share with us?

If you have dozens or even hundreds of photos you'd like share, please contact the Photo Editor to arrange an alternate method of sending them.

One option is to burn image files on a CD which can be mailed. Other file transfer options are also available.

Call or email for details.



Most email accounts limit the maximum size of any single message, thus limiting the number of image attachments you can include with one message.

Include no more than 10 images per message. If you have more than 10, send additional separate email messages as necessary.

To contribute to our photo albums, simply send an email message to our Photo Editor and include your images as file attachments. Many of you are already familiar with this procedure.

For those not familiar with adding file attachments to email messages, here is the 'Cliffs Notes' version for the "MS Outlook" email program:

1) Click "Photo Editor" above to create a pre-addressed message.
2) On the text menu at the top of your new message click "insert".
3) Select "file" and then:
4) Browse to the image file you want to send and double click the file name to attach it to your message. (repeat for each image)
5) Type a brief text message and click "send".

(If you use "Outlook Express" choose "insert" and then "file attachment". Other email programs may operate a little differently -- call a nerd if you need help.)



If you don't have a broadband connection (RoadRunner or DSL) it will take some time to send your message due to the very large size of the file attachments. Maybe its time to get that broadband connection after all.


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