Event Pictures, 2017

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Jean WOY

Jean McCasey Woman of the Year San Diego Council of Ski Clubs


Jean McCasey WOY, Tom Sekreta MOY San Diego Council of Ski Clubs

Scott and Deborah

Big white, March, 2017

Group photo

Big white, March, 2017

Dave and MJ Big White

Big white, March, 2017


Big White at the pub March, 2017

The group at Big White

Big White The group in the condo March 2017

Cold Ski Lift

Big white on the ski lift, March 2017

Morning group

Waiting for the bus in the morning March, 2017

Mammoth group

Group picture March, 2017

Mid lodge Mammoth March, 2017


Write up for the last Mammoth trip by Alan Godwin

Video: Ski the Cornice


Farmer and the Sea Horse

Farmer and the Sea Horse Grill Council Event July, 2017

Coyote Grill

Coyote Grill July, 2017

Coyote Grill 2

Coyote Grill July, 2017

Bullys East

Bullys East, July 2017


Bullys East July 2017


Dinner at Ramona Oaks August

The boys

The Boys at Ramona Oaks August

Card Games

Card Games at Ramona Oaks August

Pool Party

Pool Party at Ramona Oaks August

Stone Brewery

Stone Brewery Joint with Action August

Stone Brewery Equipment

Stone Brewery Joint with Action August

August Meeting 1

August Meeting

August Meeting 2

August Meeting


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